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    Unhappy Rendering Problems(Mental ray)

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    Hi there
    I just have a few questions about the problems that i have been having with my rendering setup in 3Ds max. I have been working on making this still that i have uploaded for my portfoilio but been having seirus problems while rendering out the image. The lighting setup i am using is the sky light generator with an MR portal in the window, the exposure control that is being used is the mr photographic exposure control with the EV value of 6.0
    Now for the questions

    What would be the best way to light up an in door room during the day?
    In some of the renders for some reason the light does not show (for some reason), what could be causing that?

    There were more question but it escapes me. if there is any other bits of information that you would like me to relay just feel free to ask.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, any help that you can give will be greatly appreciated

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    Although the mental ray rendering is relatively easy to use once you’ve set it up correctly, there are several "gotchas" that you might encounter immediately, especially if you’re primarily accustomed to the 3ds Max scan line rendering and its work flow..!

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    Looking at your render progression I think you have some serious problems with the set up that is not producing the kinds of results I would expect based on those values.

    Everything about the renders suggests that the environment is wayyyyyy under real world scale for an environment of this type.

    I would suggest the first thing you should do is to validate the scale by creating a box primitive equal to the size of the environment in real world measurements.

    My process for a rendering project is to first establish the know local scale that is used to produce the relative scale of elements added to the scene.

    In this case a box (aka room) of a know scale of 20 feet by 20 feet by 10 feet sets the relative scale of table and chairs of equal scale to a known value. The render examples seems to suggest that the local scale of the objects is about the size of a dollhouse and you are trying to force the lighting solution to behave in a real world manner.

    So if you make a 20x20x10 box and you scene does not fit the dimension then you can select the geometry and scale them to fit the proxy and use xform rest to set local scale to world scale.

    Render it then and I think you will get a different result.

    P.S. you might want to give Iray a try.

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    Duplicate the model and apply Lambert1 (default lambert). Then re-apply the materials to the appropriate faces. You should also select the polymesh and then check the hypershade to see which shadingGroups are applied to it Make sure to disconnect any unneeded shading groups
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    I'm trying to render quite a large scene in Max 7 with the integrated Mental Ray renderer. Since the scene is quite large I�ve boosted the physical scale to 15000 because on the default setting there just wasn�t any light. There are two lights in the scene, a skylight (multiplier set to 1,6) and a MR area spot (multiplier set to 1,5) to simulate the sun. All the materials in the scene are standard materials and only the roads have been textured. GI is set to 500, FG is set to 1000 with a radius of 1000 and a min radius of 500. The scene has been rendered with Mental Ray using logarythmic exposure control. The thread on the scene itself is located here:

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