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    My First Attempt At Creating HDR Imagery

    As the title suggests, these are a couple and my first) HDR shots that I got today... I have been excited by this style of photography for quite some time now and wanted to be able to capture some of my own... Please take a look and lemme know what you think (am an amateur with a newly found interest in photography, by the way. Trying to learn all I can about the camera right now).

    Image 1: The view through the entrance of an ancient tomb (of Humayun). The alleway was pretty dark, I shot it with multiple exposures varying by 1 stop above and below normal.

    Image 2: Looking beyond a darkened passageway at Qutub Minar (in India). This is slightly stylized with an aim to get it a "surreal" look.

    Image 23: A Black and White version of the above.

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    Decent looking photos. But having people in these kinds of images don't really seem to work. Secondly, some types require more exposures to get it right. It appears as if you've only focused on the foreground, and let the background just be plain normally exposed, with a slight hint of over-exposure.
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    wow. its amazing structure ...

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    Looks good for just trying it. If you keep at it and keep practicing and playing around with different exposures I'm sure you'll become a pro at it in no time!
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