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    Question Light Rays

    Hello Forum,

    my first time ever posting a thread asking for help in any forum. Hope i'm doing this right!

    Alright what I want to achieve are rays of light falling through a window.

    Like this

    I can't seem to get it right thought. I have been going through a lot of researching, googling and experimenting. I don't get the desired effect though. I am using a Box with cut out letters, used ProBoolean for that. From behind the Box I am using a mr Area Spot.

    This is what I get

    Anyone know how to achieve harder edges for the rays? I am using 3dsmax 2012 and mental ray renderer.

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    I'm assuming what you are looking to achieve is usually called God Rays. Google that and you should get more than a few tutorials but the effect generally requires a volumetric attached to your light source necessary to generate the fill.

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    Thank you. I'll try to find something :3

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    An area light will give smooth shadow edges, so I would suspect that this will also be the case for volumetrics.
    Can you try with a point light and see if this will generate harder edges in the volumetrics.

    I didn't try it myself...

    The example you show doesn't look like godrays to me, it looks like strange light beams from emitter planes.

    Gr, David.

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    You can try to achieve this in 3D with the suggestions given as an "in camera" effect but the example you posted looks like it was done in post. In Photoshop or After Effects the effect would be achieved by Filter/Effect > Blur > Radial Blur > Zoom. For best results isolate the areas you want to "god ray" with a render pass or threshold adjustment.
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