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    Unhappy Blender UV unwrap acting weird

    As the title says, i'm having some problems with blender's uv unwrapping thing, its not exactly critical but still a bother since it didn't happen before.
    Whats happening is that before my mesh is unwrapped, when i select one face or vert or edge, and then i say project from view, it suddenly selects the whole mesh and unwraps it. This only happens when the rest of the mesh has not been unwrapped, once it has everything seems to work like normal.
    Has anyone had a similar issue, its not the only thing though, in object mode i can't undo a delete or a translate.


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    I don’t know if this will help but you can try these three suggestions. The first one is simple once you launch Blender do not load a scene instead try to rotate the default cube. If you can rotate the default cube then delete all items in the scene and import everything from your scene and see if that helps.

    If you cannot rotate the cube then here is the second option, go to the File menu and chose “Load Factory Settings” as this will return Blend to its default. Try opening the scene again and see if that helps.

    The third option is open Blender and click off the welcome screen now got to the File menu and chose “Open” now here is the important part. On the left of the Open dialog there is a option called “Load IU” and it is ticked. Un tick that and then load your scene. Now if you CAN rotate your object then save it again. This should work(I hope).

    Please let me know if any of these tips helps you at all.

    PS I would try the third option first to be honest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowWraith View Post
    ...This only happens when the rest of the mesh has not been unwrapped, once it has everything seems to work like normal...
    It's relative... without the rest of the mesh being unwrapped Blender doesn't know what the projection is relative to. That's why it'll do a full unwrap before then doing the projected view unwrap.

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