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    QUESTION: Disabling MOBEMU at Startup

    So the mobile emulator is starting when UDK starts up. I must have mistakenly pressed the button for it. So the boot process now takes 10-15 minutes until it reads and compiles all of the shaders.

    Does anybody know how to disable this at bootup without having to wait for it to load? I can only turn it off once UDK boots and only after waiting a loooooooong time for it load. So in case it happens again?

    Oh, and please, refrain from posting -"Just don't press the button again." Thankyouverymuch.

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    It should only compile the shaders one time as long as you save the package afterward. But, you should also be able to turn it off in UDKEditorUserSettings by setting bEmulateMobileFeatures=False under [UnrealEd.EditorUserSettings].

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