Hello all,

I'm looking for someone who is imaginative and creative! Basically, I'm working on a project that focuses on paper. The general idea is the piece of paper is a character and that character expresses mood/expressions via shapes and forms. This project was inspired by the Paper Mario game series!

I need 3d models made in Blender. The size of the paper is 400px by 400px. Images will be placed on this piece of paper and will conform to the shape of that paper (that will be my responsibility, you are only responsible for the models). What I need someone to do is to think of as many expressions as possible and mold this piece of paper to represent that expression.

I have two so far:

Rolled up tube == sleeping.
Crumbled up ball == anger.

I need you to figure out the rest!

Please reply here or send me a message with your price per model!

Thank you!

P.S. Because I have no background in 3d imagery, I may need help learning how to swap out the images so please note that there will likely be times when I will have questions on how to do something!