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    Quote Originally Posted by stealthcoder View Post
    1) The complete process of how to produce a
    current generation game model in Maya and ZBrush. This would include high-poly hard surface
    techniques in Maya and/or Zbrush, and organic modelling in ZBrush. Then producing normal maps,
    retoplogize, UV's and all that good stuff.
    Same but for Blender.
    I remember in UDK101 Zak touched on the subject of overmodeling for prerendered shots and making a reduced poly model for gameplay and retaining the detail of the lost polys as a normal map. Going over that sort of thing would help close the loop on basic techniques needed to tie everything together

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjc2112 View Post
    Excited for the Maya finish up and new stuff! Some things I would like to see not previously mentioned... Photoshop for game artists, and mudbox!
    I second Mudbox but I would like to see it integrated with Maya and/or Max.

    Also How about Nuke? I see a lot of job postings mentioning Nuke as there main compositing software.
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    ohh yay drawing classes!!

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    Thank you much for the exciting information.

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    Looks like some cool stuff coming up in the 3D Buzz pipeline.
    I'd also be interested to see some ZBrush content like stealthcoder stated.

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    When the new content will be post and waht are the new site aspect/features?

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    Anything Unreal related sure would jostle my hullabaloo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NinaCovington View Post
    The final Maya class to finish up the last series will be held next Wednesday at 7pm. The new instructor, Paul Campbell, is also putting together a syllabus for a new six week Maya course. We have nearly completed the syllabus for the first course with Thomas Dodd, Photography: Concept to Completion. Also, Derek Stevens is coming down this weekend to start putting together a drawing class for everyone. Last but not least, Nelson is currently hard at work on the new 3D Buzz website, and we'll be looking at both iPhone and Android courses coming up in the near future. Stay Tuned!

    So excited! You guys rock! I would pay 100 $ more for Sponsor Memebership just to see few videos on Dynamics in Maya or Max.

    Like I said In Maya Fundamentals Project I when they were explaining Dynamics Jason has mentioned that they're probably going to do a complete course on Dynamics so it would be awesome if you would make some videos on that subject, I am really, really, REALLY interested in Dynamics and the new nDyinamics, Nucleus solver system.

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    Drawing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I would like the drawing classes, modeling and the mudbox, then throw in the unity iOS and android.
    Please let me know when we are going to have some fun so I can pay attention.

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