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    Lee's Terrain R&D, Session 2 Minimap

    I'm looking at my newly made minimap and it clearly says that I'm in an ocean area -- but I see mountains. I don't know if it is a scaling thing or what. I checked my code against the video and the only thing that seems to be different is the s5, which I changed to 10000f instead of 80000f because I didn't want the world to be that large. And yes, I changed it in the minimap script too.

    Screenshot trying to show problem:

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    later you will implement debug data that will tell you your current location and some more misc data, keep coding until then since it is now hard to debug your code without any math. Just keep coding if you don't understand some stuff it may come later since lee gets back to the algorithms a few times. PS: You can always use pen and paper and fill the data you randomized and calculate it yourself to get your calculated location and then compare it to the location you wanted. That may help you as well, at least thats what helps me.

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