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    What is this box, and how do i get rid of it?


    I am rather new with blender and keep toying around creating different things so that i get more used to how everything works. I come from a 3Ds Max background, and I find it hard to adjust.

    While creating a cogwheel, a dotted box appeared (dont know where it came from, or when it appeared). At first i thought "oh, its a bounding box", but then i thought "thats weird". Because, I cant see any relation between the object and the weird box.

    Image 1

    Then I just started trying different stuff, and thought "hey, maybe if i apply the scale etc", so I did that. at first I thought it was solved, but then i realized it just moved;

    Image 2

    Any replies concerning reason and resolution much appreciated
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    Here I go answering my own question. Typical that I figure it out just a little while after asking the question, even though I've been looking for quite some time.

    Anyways; To get rid of this mystery box, turn off "Texture space" in the "Display" category located under the "Object" tab.

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