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    beginner needs help

    I have been busy building my first model from concept to finale model.

    The model is of the "stargate" and my progress can be viewed here :

    I made lots of errors during my process, but have fixed almost all of these.

    The entire model is exported into unity within a testing scene.

    The model has also been exported into daz studio 4 pro, which i used to render the image shown!

    The model dos not use any sub surface in a effort to keep the poly count down, but there is much more i could do with some help.

    I have tried and failed to create normal map versions of key areas that should be normal mapped.

    1. currently all of the glyphs and the lines between each glyph should be normal mapped.

    2. each chevron has three raised sections which should be also normal mapped.

    I am in need of your help.

    Here is a link to one single chevron which is uv-mapped, I know this step is not needed with a high poly version but thought i should do it anyway:

    I thought the best help could be found HERE, in this case the high poly version and NO low poly version.

    Each time I try to bake out the details to a low poly version I get incorrect results.

    I appricate this is a lot to ask, but could someone show me the correct way to do this ?

    I can only offer my gratefull thanks in return.



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