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    MMO Information

    A question, the mmo project is finish?

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    No its still progressing below is a quote from Zak

    "Actually, it hasn't slowed down very much at all. It's at a stage where a considerable amount of development is taking place on our end, not all of which will translate to video. I'm not talking about "how to create this MMO" bit; I mean how we go about breaking something very organic and multifaceted into something we can even talk about, much less something you can digest.

    To help fill that gap, as well as to help us maintain our Member Sponsor quota (which in turn keeps us alive), we've put a little bit more immediate focus on getting these live classes rolling. They're a big hit so far, and we've been really enjoying ourselves putting them together.

    This doesn't mean, however, that the MMO content is slipping in any way. We've had to make some shifts and improvements in terms of who is working on what, but overall there is still a great deal of forward progress. "

    so as you can see they still have some videos they are working on for the MMO class.
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    I did not catch that post from Zak. I admit I have been disappointed in the lack of content that is not in the 'live classes' category. I am dutifully paying my member sponsorship fee and have seen no new content that I want to see, namely the MMO stuff (which was a MAJOR reason I subscribed, but I know that shouldnt be the only reason. I also thoroughly enjoy the blender and photoshop stuff. As well as all the content on Unity in general and the C# Programming stuff).

    I hope 3DBuzz releases some new content for people like me (I am sure I am not the only one) that cannot participate in the live classes) in the near future! =)
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    You can watch all live class content afterwards since the videos get posted. That's at least how I do it . Every Saturday you wake up open the Live Classes calender and get through the content from the past week still up to date with everything ^_^

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    I've paid for member sponser for 3 years now, or close to, and I can't afford to keep it running, I don't watch any videos other than the Unity ones. So i've paid for the last year and a bit without actually watching a video other than the GUI stuff hope some real stuff comes soon
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    Same here - I signed up for MS a year ago, simply because of the MMO class. I even paid extra to get caught up with everyone so I could follow along with new stuff... once I got caught up, the class went pretty much dormant.

    Hopefully we get some good stuff soon.

    I understand that there is a lot to do behind the scenes and that would be tough to make into videos, but I'd like to see some videos about backend stuff: getting Photon configured to work with Unity in an MMO setting, planning DB table layouts for RavenDB (or whatever DB they end up using), setting up some type of content management system for use in this project (either GIT, or whatever). That kind of thing - not necessarily how to code a quest or a spell (but that would be nice down the road )

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