I'm currently rigging two characters for a 3d short film and I've run into a small problem. I have no problem rigging a character and its limbs. But I've never dabbled with hair or accessories.

First problem: I would love it if someone could give me an idea, point me in the right direction(tutorial or thread) or simply tell me how to rig dreadlocks..? At first I though of using HD solver... But then found out how little control there is and ability to had controller to the bones the solver. Unless I'm missing something..

Second problem: I have another character but this one has hoses from his back to his forearms. Basically I would like the hose to move and lightly stretch whenever I move the characters arm up and down. Once again I thought of using HD solver which would work perfectly if only I could attach the head bone of the HD chain to the forearm bone.. But that tends to detach the bone.

Anyways, Any help would be greatly appreciated.