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    MAX Rendering Issues

    Hello Guys,
    I'm trying to learn MAX and I decided to do the MAX fundamentals.
    I'm having 2 issues at the final,
    1st one is the wall. The wall is back (not superblack) but I'm seeing semicircular colors mixed in the black wall, I see this in the viewport and in the final render, I tried to adjust some settings but nothing worked, any clues?

    2nd one, is regarding to the stool, my cross bars are gray, and the entire stool have the same material applied. In this scenario the final render is OK (everything is the same color), the issue is only in the viewport, any clues?

    Thanks guys.

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	Wall.jpg 
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ID:	72857here are the pictures
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    For the stool, select those items and press Alt+X (See-Through toggle can also be accessed by right clicking on item and going to object properties).

    For the color banding issue, try rendering to a different image format (something with a higher bit depth). Also check gamma settings in max = Customize menu -> Preferences -> Gamma and LUT. Do a google search on combating color banding in general and in 3ds Max. There are a couple good tutorials that explain what causes it and how to get around it.

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    Thank you, the stool was fixed, but the color banding is still an issue... I tried different file formats and some other settings but is still there, not sure were to go from here

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