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    Unhappy How to animate multiple cars on Motion Path in LOOP with same speed

    Hello Folks,

    I'm trying to animate few cars on a Motion Path with same speed without coliding but after spending so much of time, i am unable to do it.

    I want to animate several Cars in a 3D City with same speed. so, they can not colide each other with the help of a Motion Path and i also, want this in Loop. and every car should START and END on the same position.

    This is for project on which I'm working. Urgent need.

    Please help anyone.

    Thanks in advance.

    - Raj

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    You could bake out the motion path animation of one car then duplicate and add an offset in the graph editor (select all the keys and put +=30 [or whatever you want the offset to be] in the value field).

    You can also set the looping up in the graph editor, under the curves menu and choose post infinity iirc
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