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    Refinement time! This week I show some refinements I made to the ship's tracking system as well as the ship's control and movement. This will help with building the future functionality I have in mind.

    Hope you enjoy

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    Looks cool This will be a nice little game. I have lots of Ideas so dont mind me if you dont want ideas. I thing there should be somthing similar to "Space Prirates" Who have ships flying around and will attack your ship and if your ships health is deplinished you lose some/all of your resources in the hold. Also I recommend that ships have weapons to defend theirselfs. And Upgrades that can make your weapons better, armor better, larger hold ect.
    And another feature I think would be neat is the ability to mine planets. And that you can crash into the astroids if not careful.
    Without these The game will be epic, with them it would be Super Mega Epic .

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    Im really liking the look of this game, eager to see which direction you go next with it, It could be really sweet smaller version of Eve, you could mix in some tradewars/elite for the exploring/trading aspect, you could also go the privateer/wingcommander path and let players upgrade their ships to silly proportions to hunt down pirates and take missions. Im very eager to see what your finished crafting system looks like, cause lets be honest..thats the entire reason I play MMO's and code stuff for myself.

    I got a whack of GDD stuff if you ever feel you have run outta space ideas
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