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    UDK-Coding ERRORS

    I've created my own map in UDK and would like to implement custom weapons from maya/3ds max. I have been using these tutorials to guide me:
    (The first three are all together, the last one has seven other parts including that video).

    My problem comes when coding. As stated in the first three videos, I copy the shock rifle file a edit it according to what the guy says. However, when I start UDK and click "Yes-compile outdated scripts" (see the third video). It gives me various errors stating an awkward messages - "Debug Camera Controller duplicate, Debug Camera HUD Duplicate, Dynamic Crowd Destination Duplicate."

    I can avoid this problem using "Unreal Front End." However, when I use "Unreal Front End," it does not even recognize any new files, "No Files Need Compiling."

    I am not sure what the problem could be. I followed every step in these tutorials (see top).
    I Thank You in advance for helping. If you need anymore in detail information, like giving you the coding I used, just ask.
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    First make sure you DON'T have UDK installed in the 'program files' fold on your hard drive. If you install it there like a regular program you won't be able to compile anything. Second don't duplicate all of the code in your new class. Only include the stuff you've changed. I ran into a similar issue as my classes were duplicating code from the default classes AND referring back to them at the same time (effectively calling out stuff twice).

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