hi everyone
i have a puzzle and wonder if some experts can help me out

i am trying to use HSDS modifier on a character model
and have many stages of LOD and preserve the original UVs as best possible
this is why the HSDS modifier is essential for me
(so please dont suggest other smoothing techniques, i have tried them)

since it will be for a real-time engine i need to be really careful and not just subdivide like crazy
because of the complexity i want to select certain vertices by an image
so i have some greyscale maps like heightmaps where (preferably with soft selection) i can select vertices

as you know i can use the 'vol.select' modifier to do this, works great
this is really important because i have several character models that will be subdivided almost identically
next step i try to use 'selection sets' to store the selected vertices

this works great, done, but...

when i apply the HSDS modifier and go to 'vertex subobject' the selection set is not there
so ive tried a lot of things like trying to copy it somehow or whatever
and nothing works it just wont let me get that selection back from that modifier
other modifiers maybe but not HSDS which as i said i am stubborn about using

i am wondering if anyone knows how i might be able to do this???
i mean youd think that powerful and complex HSDS use would allow more precise/automated selections of subobjects there
its really like a main feature of the modifier and precision is everything
but the actual modifier itself gives almost no option, not even matID really works as a selection method
all i can really figure out is to select everything manually each time, urghghghgh!

so i am really stuck and begging for help
even a maxscript hack that works like an alternative to selection sets would be great enough


thanks for your time!!!