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    motion builder and kinect?????

    Just curious if there is anyone here actually creating there own motion files with the Kinect and motion builder. I can only dream of the day that 3DBUZZ has a class on custom animations brought in with Kinect, that would be awesome.

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    I have been looking into it recently. If I get something setup soon, I will see if I can help make a video for others who are interested. I will probably only spend the time setting up videos if I can come up with a rig that produces quality results. Otherwise it is fun to play around with but just not very practical.

    You know you want to!

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    At the book store the other day one of the 3d mags (I think it was 3d artist, but maybe 3d world) had a how to for using the kinect to generate mocap data for 3dsmax. I dont even remember what software they were using to generate the data but if you can find the magazine it may help you out.

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    I have tried it out, but didn't have a model I could rig it to.. but from what I experienced, it picked up movement, but it doesn't pick up subtle things like finger movement, and you have to be facing the kinect or else horrible things happen (spasms in the rig )

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