We from Shoran Software are happy to announce the sixth point release of
RenderPal V2, the well-known render farm manager. This new version brings many
great new features, plenty of improvements and important bug fixes, as well as
support for four new renderers out-of-the-box: Modo, Arnold, RVIO and

-job dependency has been extended: A net job can now also wait for similar chunks of one or more superior net jobs, not just for the
entire jobs

-script based renderers

-dynamic parameters in scene files as well as the output file and directory in a render set possible now
that will then be replaced with the corresponding value set in the render set

Other new additions and improvements include selecting additional user accounts
in net jobs who should receive email notifications, combined scene lists for
renderers (multiple scenes will not be automatically splitted into individual
chunks) and the ability to control net job chunks via command-line.

For full details about this new release, screenshots, free trial downloads and
more, visit our website at:

Release notes: Link
Changelog: Link