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    next batch of videos or radio show ???

    I know the live courses are taking off big time and thats great, but anyone got a rough idea when the team will get a bit of time to toss some MMO love this way ??? are we close to looking at the networking code on this project maybe..or something equally exciting, just wondering.
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    MMO has been a side project from the beginning and currently they are buried so deep with other responsibilities that I don't expect them to focus on MMO any time soon. Yes, I said focus because there is no point delivering random content and not doing so requires tremendous amount of time and energy.

    Radioshows are (at my knowledge) postponed indefinitely.

    I've said it in some another thread but in my opinion it is much better for them to focus on forming advanced 3d artists / programmers first and then continue with projects that require more advanced knowledge.

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    There's rumors of them doing a RuneSlinger class. If this comes to fruition, I don't expect any MMO updates for quite a while

    Not that that's too terrible for me, I'm trying to catch up, anyways. But I know that if I was up to date, I'd be getting pretty antsy too!

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    Hmm ... that isn't what I signed up for. I started the paying membership because I was expecting regular content for the "class". Treating it like a side project feels a bit like the arrangement was broken. I remember it being heralded loudly, but not being claimed as a side-project. In fact it was advertised as an opportunity to share what they'd learned from developing their prototype, and helping the community learn from that. Early on the content came regularly, and more recently I've continued my membership based on the faith that it was just taking time to do the research. If this isn't the case, making that clear to the class would be appreciated. Not just clear to the super involved, but clear to those like me that are more peripheral, and get to catch up in bursts.

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    IMO it was cleared up along the course videos where Jason many times over mentioned that the MMO got a really huge focus for about half a year and that they need to put out more non MMO content since they started lacking at it. Please remember that only about 100 people are MMO class attendees and that there are a ton people that pay a member sponsorship as well but are not part of the MMO class and aslo expect new content.

    Please note that the MMO class has already more content than most other member sponsor classes (maybe all except the Mastering Maya). This only implies that it got/has the most focus at the time being.

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    I think it should be noted that the mmo class has a student cap.
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