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    Maya Reference editing frustration

    Hey guys, just been looking into using maya's referencing for some pipeline stuff. and I am coming up at what appears to be a maya limitation, I'm hoping its not.

    If I reference into my scene a model. in my new scene with the model I make some changes, like I accidentally move a vert. when I try to Refresh References it doesn't update the model to the way it was before I accidentally moved the vert.

    I'd like to be able to hit Refresh References and have it set the reference to the way it is in the other file its referencing from.

    I've got similar problems when trying to deal with referencing shaders between scenes. you can adjust the attributes in the new scene, but cannot work out a way of getting the references to forget your changes and load back in the original.

    Have any of you dealt with this kind of problem before?
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    Refresh Reference is for when a file you're referencing in has been edited, its more of an additive approach.

    To remove edits in the parent scene (such as your vert move), open up the Reference Editor and goto File>List Reference Edits... Here you can select and delete edits made to the mesh.

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