I am looking into Maya 2013 or the Entertainment Suite that contains Mobu and Mudbox. I have a lot of experience with Maya up to 2008 back in school but lost track of the updates since then.

I am basically wondering what value I get out of Mobu now that Maya's animation capabilities have gotten so good. I will have a lot of mocap from various libraries that I will want to stitch together for various projects. I mainly need to be able to normalize the world coordinates of the skeletons and blend the clips together. I know Mobu has been traditionally better with Mocap, but it seems that Maya 2013 now has a lot of great features like ghosting to position beginning/end of clips in the trax editor and blending clips as well. What will the story mode in Mobu give me that the Trax editor can't in these newest versions? I will ultimately be using the animation in the Unity game engine if that drives any further thoughts on the topic.

Thanks in advance!