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    Anyone else have this problem

    I am not sure if it is UDK or my computer. I have experienced this problem three times now and in both cases, UDK was open.

    My computer is on, but my mouse and keyboard don't work, kind of like a frozen state. Then the display on the monitor cuts out too.

    My only fix right now is to forcefully power off my pc.

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    This happend to me once. And UDK was open , too.

    Well, the frozen mouse and keyboard did. But it went away after some seconds. (and i really do not know , what i did to get it working again , if anything )
    I guess, that something in UDK is responsible, but i am not worried. Once is nothing to me. ^^

    So , i can't help you really, just give you a heads up that you are not anlone.
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    Hey xterminatorau,

    This has never happened to me but it could be you graphics card. Have you updated the drivers recently? If not that might fix the problem. If that doesn't work it might be worth seeing if you gfx card has known issues with UDK. Failing all that if you have recently update your drivers or you are running Beta ones it may be worth rolling them back.

    hope this helps


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    Yes! Had that problem a few times

    Yea, myself and others at my uni had that problem. It was like it was frozen, but it actually isnt completely. Fix is:

    • You can move around your level by holding ctrl+shift+ right and left mouse.
    • Find and click on a static mesh
    • Change to and use the Move widget to move the static mesh

    This always seemed to fix the freeze for us. Hope this helps you.

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    My graphics card is a gtx275 driver version, which I believe is up to date.
    The problem isn't just freezing, I lose my monitor display, and on top of that, my mouse loses it light (meaning it isn't working) and keyboard too.

    I will just keep working through to see how often it comes up, and hopefully a new version of UDK will fix what ever this problem is.

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