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    Question Hyperion Engine - How to add a new item in the GameManager?

    edit: How to add a new ITEM in the GameManager. Sorry for failing at making a thread title.

    While I know I can add an item to a room in the Level.cs, I was wondering how I'd go about creating a new item in the GameManager.cs. For instance, I would pick up one item, and it would create a new item in a different room. I tried creating the item in a different room (in the Level.cs) and then moving it with some code, and while that returns no compiler errors, it doesn't work.

    The code I tried was:
                if (Player.GetInventoryItem("$5 Bill") != null)
                    Level.Rooms[1, 3].Items.Add(Level.Rooms[0, 0].GetItem("Test"));
    With the "Test" item created like this:

                room = new Room();
                rooms[0, 0] = room;
                room.Title = "Test Room";
                room.Description = "Room Description";
                item = new Item();
                item.Title = "Test";
                item.PickupText = "Text for picking up the item.";
    I assume there's a way to move the item that actually works, or just a way to create a new one. Any help is much appreciated.
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    Why do you create the test room. You can simple pass the item into Items.Add .Also make sure the new item is in the same scope.

    If I put this in the ApplyRules function in GameManager.cs it works just fine:

                if (Player.GetInventoryItem("$5 Bill") != null)
                    Item testItem = new Item();
                    testItem.Title = "Test";
                    testItem.PickupText = "Text for picking up the item.";
                    Level.Rooms[1, 3].Items.Add(testItem);

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