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    Image Quality photoshop cs5


    I am using a capture tool called snagit to capture images and edit them on to photoshop cs5. The problem I am having is the quality. When I paste the image on to photoshop it looses its sharpness. How do I keep the quality of the image when I paste it into photoshop? It seems to work fine when I past it into word.



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    If you use print screen and paste in to photoshop does it have the same problem? It either sounds like you're not zoomed to 100% in Photoshop or snagit has some weird compression.

    Also it would help if you could post an image of the problem.

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    Well, generally its an onscreen resolution issue. So to say if your onscreen resolution is 1440x900 and your using that image in a 2000 x 2000 image, it will loose its quality. I rarely have a quality issue with screenshots on Snagit, but I also do work with on high-resolution.

    Or it maybe a settings issue :P.

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