Zak put this on the Trello board, I'm putting in a discussion thread.

note: disagree or agree with any of my points, but please be specific and back up your claims.

Here's my take on virtual reality. I think it should be a lot more tightly controlled than the internet we have in real life today. I.E. Instead of just typing in a web address and boom, website opens up. You need to have, beforehand, access to the website before you can even see it exists. Something similar is how you need to sign in to facebook to see a friends semi private profile.

I would imagine this access credentials would have something to do with your identity card and you plug that into a computer terminal or VR station or whatever you're working with to access the internet and logs you in. Then you see a list of places you have access to, and that's it... maybe everyone gets access to their faction lounge or lobby or something.

Now, here's what I've been looking forward to, the VR part. (brainstorm, just had a neat idea, will put at end):

Once you log in, you can do a few (awesome) things in VR internet, first up is you get some sort of interface to select or choose where you want to go. I was thinking just a simple 2d menu that's organised nicely. Here's where it gets neat. You can go to either a virtual location... or virtually go to a location; If you go to a virtual location, this is essentially the "web site", it can contain unrealistic geometry and can include things like teleports, infinitely long corridors, humanised representations of digital databases (so the data on the server would appear as rows of filing cabinets).

If you virtually go to a (real world) location. A projection of your virtual self appears inside the physical building(say, your corporation base of operations) and you can walk around and interact with computers(but not pick up physical items) as if you were really there in person.

Alright, remember that cool thing I brainstormed before? Here it is: I think I have solved our player apartment instancing issue. When a player goes to their standard basic apartment... They go into a capsule, and get plugged into an apartment matrix. So their entire apartment is virtual! We can still limit players in terms of what they can have by way of saying that these virtual apartments still take up memory on a server hard disk somewhere, and they still take computing power... so the richer you are, the bigger your virtual apartment.

Alright, I'm eager to see what you guys think up for the virtual reality world.