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    Unhappy [HELP] I am unable to display button on my iPhone from UDK

    I really need some help. I added a button using Kismet (via. Mobile Button Access & Add Input Zone). The button was meant to speed up my vehicle, and it perfectly does it when I click the button on the UDK iDevice simulator. However when I deploy the game on the iPhone 4, the button is not visible

    Everything in the game works absolutely fine except the button which is not even visible.

    Solutions tried:

    (1) In the DefaultGame.ini, made the following changes.


    When I did this, nothing happened. The button didn't show up. On top of that I think I am missing MobileGame.ini file if there is any.

    Please help. I beg of you. Please

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    Is this the only thing that you need to change to make it playable on iPhone?? lol
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