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    List max capacity

    Can I make a list and then say that it only can contain 9 strings for an example? Like if you want to make an inventory or something like that? If not, is there an other way of doing it

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    You could use arrays with that concept because the number (size) is fixed.

    Easiest variant would be list (no ide when writing this so might have typo)

    const int LIST_LIMIT = 9; // this would also be used for arrays
    List myList = new List<string>(); // I could use the constr to alloc capacity (but capacity is dynamic and would resize )
    PlaceOnList(string given);
    // This is to check the limit
    bool IsLimited(string given)
    if(myList.count >= LIST_LIMIT) return true;
    return false;
    // This is to place string in list
    void PlaceOnList(string given)
    if(!IsLimited(given)) myList.Add(given);
    You could also do new List<string>( LIST_LIMIT);
    But when the limit is reached the capacity will adjust from your default LIST_LIMIT to a bigger one. This is done for you to avoid the out of range problem.
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    Or have an int that you can increase/decrease should inventory size increase/decrease.

    int maxInventorySize.

    bool AddItemToInventory(Item item)
    if (Inventory.Count >= MaxInventorySize)
    return false;

    return true;

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