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    How to create planetery objects with correct speed in an orbit around the sun?

    Hi guys

    I am studying 3ds max, and have a school project where I drew the solar system and its planets, I made the elliptical orbits and used path constraint to bind the spheres (planets) to the orbit.

    The problem is that I cant seem to change the speed of the objects and they all go at the same exact speed.
    Example if the time lasts 1095 frames (365 seconds) planet earth should make a full 1 turn around the sun, but mercury should make 3 turns.
    I've tried setting the keys own my own on path constraint but it just seems to "skip" ahead and then move at the same speed as the other objects.

    The 3ds max help menu mentions about setting weight for path constraint objects, but that option is greyed out and I cannot access it.

    Im using the 3ds max 2012 educational version.

    Any insight or help would be wonderful to have

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    you need to change the value on the keys dude.
    if the earth does one complete loop around the sun every 365 seconds and mercury needs to do 3 orbits in that same amount of time go to your last keyframe for mercury and set it to 300% rather than 100%. thats 3 orbits around the sun in 365 seconds. easy really

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    Ah, I see, I naturally tried this, but the values I used were too small, and I used set key instead of auto key, which caused them for some reason to "hop" the amount.

    Anyways thank you a lot, this fixed the issue I was having, Now I just have to calculate the correct % values

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