Nope I had just not even noticed the office hours for week 3 until it was too late. I'd gotten stuck a few times on this but I'd have these "aha!" moments while in the shower or just doing something completely different and I'd run over to the computer (after putting my clothes on of course) and I'd make it through. But I was stuck to the point of just being completely brainlocked with the whole thing of comparing the numbers. I tried a couple things that I found in C# like I think it was guess.ToString().Contains and a couple others I found but I was just getting nowhere for days.

All the help has been... helpful. I just need to start over with a clean set of code.

What's really funny is I don't foresee any problems with getting all this changed over to using multiple methods for the next assignment. I'm a beginner but not a beginner. I guess I've done so much "monkey see monkey do" that I do know quite a few things, but my problem since the XNA class has been writing from scratch. I want to be rid of that problem.