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    Great programming books

    Hello all, I am looking for some great programming books to continuing my learning. I am looking for general and c++ books, mostly those kind that fall into that "Have to read this to even be considered a great programmer " type books. So if you know a good book, can you please share it here?

    Currently there are to books i've heard of that a great they are
    The pragmatic programmer link
    Code Complete link

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    These are my recommendations

    However I don't agree with your quote "Have to read this to even be considered a great programmer".

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    Hey AlysiumX,

    If your are already familiar with C++ programming I would suggest:

    1.) Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software
    2.) Effective C++: 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs

    If your just starting out programming in C++ I would suggest:

    1.) C++ Primer Plus 5'th Edition (Blue Book)
    I believe there is a 6'th Edition of the above book now.
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    Be aware that almost all C++ books are severely outdated right now, because of the new C++11 standard which introduced a lot of fundamental changes to the language. To take wforl's list (which is quite good apart from this issue) as an example:

    • The C++ Programming Language - New edition in 2013
    • The C++ Standard Library - New edition in April 2012
    • Exceptional C++ - New guru of the week series currently running on Sutter's blog
    • Modern C++ Design - No new edition announced yet. Not as outdated as many other books, since it's mainly a textbook for TMP which wasn't changed that much
    • Effective C++ - No new edition announced yet, but there is a collection of Meyers' new slides available.
    • Inside the C++ Object Model - Up-to-date since the object model did not change with C++11
    • SAMS; Common Knowledge; C++ Templates - No new edition announced yet
    • C++ Primer - New edition in August 2012
    • Concurrency in Action - Already C++11

    So it's quite a bad time for buying C++ books right now
    Especially since all books that are not outdated are usually those that already aim at experienced C++ programmers.
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