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    Photoshop CS6 beta is out!

    Adobe has released the beta for Photoshop cs6, in case anyone want to play with it.
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    "The Beta version being made available is Photoshop CS6 Extended, which contains all the features of CS6 while also adding 3D controls, new reflections and dragable shadows for 3D and faster Adobe Ray Trace rendering.

    Once the beta period is over, the Adobe Photoshop CS6 price will be $699 (£440 ) or $199 (£125) for upgraders. CS6 Extended will retail for around $999 (£631), or $399 (£252) for upgraders."

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    Guess no change in price. Since I have CS5 Extended, I'm glad I only need to cough up the $350 - $400 on an upgrade.
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