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    Missing User Interface when play is Press

    Hello Its Nice to meet you All - I was unable to find my Issue so i posted My apologies if one like this is here already

    I have one scene - Low Settings - Small Land with Hills - One 1st person controller - One Light

    When i press Play I get a Blue Screen in the middle - The Bar with File, Edit, Assets.... is still visible
    The Panels with - Inspector, Project, Hierarchy, and top Bar that has the Play button along with the Transformer Options all turn Black.

    I Checked - Time Scale its set to 1 / I also Rebooted / I also recreated the Scene from scratch / Still got the same issue

    No odd settings - Only 3 objects Land -Light - 1st person controller. (doing the video tut found on this site)

    My System: Widows 7 64, Nvidia 220 gt - With up to date Drivers
    Thank you for any help - I cant seem to find an answer and would really like to continue learning the software
    Click the Link and you will see whats happening to me

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Well It seems Like No one knows how to Help me with this issue - I also posted in other Help forums and still no response from any one
    It seems to have gotten a bit worst when i went back to check if the Demo would Play still - I found out it will not and gives me the same issue as i 1st posted --

    My Solution: I found a post with a lot of the older versions of Unity from 3.0 - 3.4 I think it also has 2.5 You can find it here

    Just in case someone else has my same issue and cant find any answers - I was able to download the older one and test the 3.0 version out and it seems to work fine - I am downloading and saving all of them and seeing how high i can get b4 the issue returns but so far 3.0 seems to be working fine with Win 7 64 Nvidia 220 gt

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    Well I finished trying the different installs of unity Today from 3.0 up to 3.4 - As for me I can run 3.3 with small what i would say normal issues - and 3.2 seems to have no issues.

    As for 3.4 it gives me the same issues and trouble that 3.5 gives from my original post - So for now I will stick with 3.3 or 3.2 to learn Unity With. - Since I'm New to Unity its not Like i would be making some Grand Game in the next few days I still have to learn the Software.

    So i just need one that works - I do hope that the next copy of Unity will work on my Win 7 64 - But for now i should have all i need to learn with I am happy I got the Free one 1st If i would have paid for the Pro and this Happen Man i would be Upset - Any ways Looking forward to learning the software

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    I had a problem running 3.5 also but all i had to do was download a microsoft update and it seems to be working fine...

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