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Thread: 2d map in unity

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    Smile 2d map in unity

    good evening everybody ... hope you all fine

    My question How to make 2d map in unity 3d , like the maps in the games like GTA , need for speed( appears when you click "m" or pause)
    and how to match the position on it to the actual position in the game???

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    Hi malek, well i don't know if this is what u want, but u can watch this video:

    Put a camera that point to your map, and when u press "m" u can show it. U can target to your player or car or what ever, u don't need to move it, maybe just u can use ur target to do special effects on that position maybe, i don't know i have a tons of ideas to play with this. good luck hope this work for u. (and sorry for my bad English)

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    I have seen that video and it does work but the bigger the assets loaded the slower it would get having to render in two cameras(i think).. but if you have unity pro i think there is a camera to texture function don't qoute me on that but i think.. good luck

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    Hi Malek

    I have created a map system for my Unity application (an architectural viewer). The system releis on map images (either handdrawn or extracted from our CAD software) on which a small marker indicating the players position and orientation is drawn on top of the map image. To determine the position of the player on the map, I reference three map texture coordinates to their equivalent position in 3d space. From these reference points, the marker poistion and orientation can be determined.


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