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    Twitter illegally allocating you

    In the long range of exposés of Apple’s iPhones storing (i.e. stealing) privacy sensitive data without consent, the Los Angeles Times writes about the widely used Twitter app for the iDevices. The Twitter app saves your contact book on their servers, without asking for your consent. Evidently, it is Apple’s policy that Apps should ask for consent before performing such activities.

    Twitter have clarified that the app does indeed store contact information, i.e. e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, however they do not store names. They utilize this relation in order to connect two people that wish to be connected to others that have their contact information.

    In Denmark and EU in general, there are laws concerning the usage and distribution of privacy information, i.e. information that can lead to verifying and identifying a person’s identity. Now, if only information such as telephone numbers and emails could be used to identify people! Oh wait, they can…

    Source: Los Angeles Times: Twitter stores full iPhone contact list for 18 months, after scan
    Mossa "Nova" Merhi

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    Why is that illegal? Sounds fine to me :/

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    If there is an EULA then they are probably A) telling you what they're doing and B) acting perfectly legally covered, if you agreed to it (with or without reading it).

    You can make the argument that it's a little shifty, but not illegal. it would only be illegal if they were using that information for anything but the express purposes detailed in the EULA.

    also they can change EULA's without making it abundantly clear they have done so, which is really annoying. My old ISP did that and we eneded up getting kicked off because we were repeatedly braking their 'fair usage policy'.

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