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    Cool How to start developing for Kinect


    My university group has been thinking about making a small game using a Kinect camera. The concept is to train people with dyslexia where they have to make words out of their body position - making especially kids more comfortable with letters and words, as well as making learning more fun in general.

    We have no previous experience with Kinect. Therefore I would like to hear what you suggest we start with; any good tutorials out there, and what tools should we use? I have been making small games in C# and XNA (using the tutorials from 3D Buzz) and also have experience working with Unity.

    Ps. We are going to get the Xbox version of Kinect, not the expensive Windows version. We are still aiming for a PC game, though.

    Thanks in advance!

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    There's been some videos on recently about it. AFAIK the SDK comes with a bunch of samples.

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    Start by getting the SDK from here:
    C++, 3D OpenGL and Game Programming video tutorials:
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