I wanted to make a quick announcement regarding the forums for the MMO class. For the time being, I'm tentatively shelving the following forums; they were not seeing a great deal of activity and I'd like to focus things down a bit:

Story & Lore
Asset Questions

Nothing has been lost or deleted. If you're twitching to see what was in there or if you had some critical post you don't want to lose, just use the links above. However, new posts are not allowed and I'm leaving their visibility off until I feel like we really need them again.

Before you ask me about posting new story ideas: I'm not wanting people to stop discussing the story. I just don't think we really need a new forum to do it. For now, we'll consider such discussion a part of the design process, which belongs in the newly re-titled Design and Mechanics forum.

I think we can all agree that the Assets forum was unnecessary at this point, and will likely remain so until such time as we start prototyping our actual world.

I'm not all that interested in moving a lot of threads from these forums around right now. I'd rather us be focusing on actual design and mechanics. I think we've all got at least a pretty solid feel for where the story is at the moment, or at least what key elements will exist within our world. We'll let that be enough for now and move forward with what this game should be like and how it should play.

Thanks for your understanding, and please PM me with questions/concerns.

That will be all.