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Thread: Help rigging

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    Help rigging

    A picture is just more efficient than a long and unclear text, so let me show you :

    So basically, I have that robot "leg" that I need to rig. It's the first time I ever try to rig anything, so I'm pretty noob at it :/
    All the red crosses symbolize screws and they need to stay fix and keep the rest of my geometry fixed. So the damper is supposed to expand/retract and make the big leg box rotate around the screw and so the leg bends. Lower there is also another screw that's holding on another articulation and those should rotate but stick together.
    I have searched around for tutorials etc, but most of them are related to rigging human-like characters and don't deal so much with specific situations like that.

    So if you can link me to any tutorial you know that deals with that kind of problem or if you can explain to me how I should proceed, I would appreciate it a lot !!

    I was trying this out with cat so far, but if you have a solution using bones or just parenting things together, I am fine with it as well ! (although parenting doesn't really let you the possibility to have an IK link and I'd like that if possible !)

    Thanks in advance everyone

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    So you tried the parent and child method linking the parent to the child where you can move the parent and the child follows, you tried the bones. there is not many way to do the linking (rigg) apart from one Position Constraint. that is just the parent child method
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