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    Learning C# for Uniy3d

    A team and I are working on a game in unity3d and we only have one programmer. I want to learn C# to take some of the
    load off of him. I've worked some in java which is very similar to C# but I don't know where to start.
    Should I take the course on C#/XNA extreme 101 or would that not relate to programming in unity3d?
    Is there another course that would be better for learning C# aimed toward unity3d?

    Thanks for your time.

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    Hey Jedeo,

    the XNA course covers basic C# stuff(not necessarily unity releated) but If you are completely new to programming I'd advice you to watch those videos, if you are not you dont really have to watch it. Just watch on topics you are not familar with. However, if you already knew a programming language there is always something new on the other language(or similar). They do have the Platform and the 2D shooter videos where they use C#. So, I think that'd be a great place to start

    I used the Unity Scripting Reference and MSDN to learn both C# and Unity, so I'd advice you to check em if you are not familiar with some topics and Good Luck
    Noob stuff I've been playing with

    Multiplayer RPG -
    Advanced Minimap Tutorial -
    Website -

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    Thanks for you advise I'll definitely check those out.

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