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    Is MotionBuilder the right tool to use? And what else?


    I am doing some research for my project.

    The basic goal of this project is to get the webpage to display sign language after reading some text. I thought I could use MotionBuilder to build a character of myself and sign words. Know what I mean?

    What kind of tools should I be using?
    Like HTML, PHP, MySql and MotionBuilder... thats it?

    I am not sure how data transfer and query between PHP and animation database(MotionBuilder) works.

    Can someone explain in details to me?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Motionbuilder is just for creating motions for a 3d character, there is no 'data transfer' from PHP to motionbuilder and I am not sure what you mean be 'animation database'.
    I can think of a few different ways that your project could be implemented, none of them include motionbuilder.
    Why do you need a whole character, wouldn't you just need models of hands?

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    You import your character model and animations into Unity and put the Unity Player on the page, but honestly, the easiest thing to do would be to render out each word as a video and drive the video player from Javascript on the page.

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    I guess the animation blending in MotionBuilder would be useful for blending together signs, rather than just 'click here to see this one' then 'click here to see the next'.

    You'd need to move them out to some sort of player after tho' (such as Unity like rhm mentioned)

    Just noticed this and thought it might be of interest:
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