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    Lightbulb Trifekhta: A surreal musical world to explore (WIP)

    Part video game and part music video; the emphasis is on creating futuristic / surreal
    environments that complement the music. Unlike most games, the music comes first
    and the graphics and interaction follow. It's kind of like how in some games, I'm as interested
    (or more so) in exploring the environment than accomplishing game objectives. Well, Trifekhta
    is being designed with that in mind, so that the exploration will be the game "objective."

    I've got one area complete and I intend to have at least five in the final version.
    I just started using UDK, though I've been working with computer graphics for over ten years.
    It was quite a steep learning curve, but I've got the basics down (and especially found the 3dbuzz
    UDK simple level tutorial to be very helpful) and am now focusing on making it super cool.

    It's on Kickstarter and I'm trying to get pre-orders to raise funds for the commercial UDK license
    and studio monitors so I can properly mix and master the audio. So have a look and support if you
    like it and "like it" if you like it. Thanks!

    ...Some other precedents for this idea include Primus's enhanced CD for their album Tales from the Punchbowl
    and Wu-Tang clan's Wu-Tang Forever. And recently Bjork has done a lot with her Biophilia album include an app.

    and here's some of my music

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    I found the project a bit convoluted, so it's been simplified a lot and I made a new video (with more music and less talk). I've also decided to release the final game and album as free digital downloads!

    Also, I've decided to focus on three areas to be able to finish the whole thing my March 2012. Demo coming soon.

    new video:

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