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    MiniMap textures?

    I'm going through the MMO videos (ya finally.. shut it!) and am looking to use the MiniMap for other little projects that I'm playing with. I noticed (and yes I did a search) for these textures that he is using. Now this could be that I jumped ahead or it could be that its not here, but I noticed in the code in #82 - Lee's Terrain R&D, Session 3, Pt. 18 that there are two textures that are loaded. One being the minimap and the other icon.
    Anyone can point me in the right direction? Even if it is to watch an earlier video.

    Please let me know when we are going to have some fun so I can pay attention.

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    HERE's the link...
    I believe one of the zips in there has what you need.

    I found
    my current avatar on google, so props to THIS GUY who created the original...

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