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    Thumbs up banana guy slipping on banana peel

    this is what i got so far
    started at 10:30 pm it's like 3 am now
    looking ok but i really want him to look much better
    let me know what you think i should try to fix
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    Nice.... I like it but the pose is not suggesting that he is slipping on the peel. It looks more like hes calling someone outloud, if you make the pose better this will be an awesome image.
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    I would say lean him back more, bend the knees, put one foot on the ground, and spread the arms a little. Also, his face doesn't convey that he is falling. Think of when you're asleep and you feel like you're falling and you suddenly wake up with your heart beating real fast. What does your face look like? That's the emotion your trying to go for. 'Surprised falling'

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    It never hurts to go out and record some good reference video/images. Okay, well in this case it might hurt, but it generally doesn't.

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    Of course if it helps, there are always people out there who're willing to be your test subjects - and who better to consider 'the test subjects' than these guys:
    Need No Introduction.

    Granted, there are a great number of videos on this type of topic, possibly quite a few better for getting the right 'feel' than that one, but it's a start for the poses.
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