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    Incredible Photos that Capture Day Turning into Night

    Just came across this site today. Photos look really cool!

    For his project “Day Into Night”, photographer Stephen Wilkes set up a 4×5 camera with a 39-megapixel digital back 40-50 feet off the ground in a cherry picker, and photographed the scene throughout the course of one day. Keeping a constant aperture, he adjusted his shutter speed to compensate for the position of the sun. Afterward, the hundreds of images captured were edited to roughly 30-50 photos, and then seamlessly Photoshopped together to show a gradual transition from day to night.
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    the second one down is pretty cool, kind of looks like the city is on the edge of the earth.
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    Holy hell those are damn cool I wonder if I can find a higher resolution version

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    My favorite has to be the third image. The way the sky transitions into night is awesome.

    Incredible photo's.

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