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    how should i get involved with technical aspects of game dev. as a game designer

    hi every body...
    i am going to become a game designer... i am really about ENTERTAINMENT aspects at artistic design of a game(gaming aspects and psychological ).now i am working in a company because of my ideas and understand of game and it's artistic documination.
    i mean i'm not bad in story's event designing,gameplay designing,conceptual,level designing,testing,or environment and object introduction.
    but there is a problem... i just know a little about technical aspect of game dev. such as programing(as a game designer)and i have problems about developing how should i start it? game engine?programing c#?
    thanks for your reply

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    As far as a game designer is concerned the most important technical aspects would be learning to Script. Most designers today are required to do a little bit of everything. What I mean is you should have a basic understanding of a 3D package like Maya or 3dsMax, Understand programs like Microsoft Word and Excel for Game Design Documentation (GDD), Photoshop knowledge and a understanding of an Object Oriented Language like C# or Java (C++ is okay too). Also it's important to know an Engine like UDK and/or Unity3D.

    I asked this question too a while back when I was in school to Jameson Durall Lead designer at Volition. He said that learning everything you can about UDK or Unity is very important and especially scripting as it seems to be a weak point for associate designers just starting out. He said UDK would be a better option than Unity for the fact that UDK comes with pre-made assets that would quickly allow you to get something set up and learn the tool and scripting at a quicker rate than Unity where you would have to spend time creating a lot of your own assets. UDK scripting is similar to a C-style language like C#.

    Also, as a designer you don't have to be a master artist and programmer just enough to communicate with the others on your team and be able to perform simple modeling task like blocking out a level and scripting gameplay and communicating what you need to a programmer. After you block out a level and test it then the artist can begin making the higher quality assets. The programmers will usually work at a lower level handling things like the engine, tools, creating, adding and removing and modifying the scripting language you'll be using etc... Also depending on the studio they may have gameplay programmers which would handle a lot of the scripting but a lot of times the designers will handle scripting or be a part of it in someway.

    With that said I would learn either C# or C++ but C# is probably best in the case of a designer. There are tons of great training videos here at 3DBuzz covering C#. You can go through the C#/XNA series which is great for a beginner picking up a programming language. Also the Unity fundamentals series is great for learning the engine and they recently started a new series for member sponsors dealing with Scripting in Unity using C# geared toward the beginner. If you go through the C#/XNA series I would then recommend the XNA A.I. series as A.I. is important for a designer to be able to implement when scripting whether it be in Unity or UDK.

    I hope this helps in some way
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