From the author, how to:

Basically static models are very simple. You just set up an object like
the Head object in the character.

Open you object in Lightwave. Position/Rotate/Scale the object so that
it looks like the way you want it in Quake. I usually have to export
one or two times to get the scale right. Select you object, hit "p" to
bring up the "Object Properties" window. Click on the "Deform" Tab in
the "Object Properties" window. Add the "MRB::Export::Quake3" plugin to
the object. Select the plug-in in and click the "Edit" box and choose
properties. Then a new Edit box will appear below. Click on the new
"edit" box to bring up the "Construction Panel". In the "Construction
Panel" set the MD3 plug-in to your baseq3 directory and then have the
"Model Subdirectory" path be


i.e... for my Junker:


Under the Model Setup tab set the "Model name" to what you want the
model called. If you choose "junker" for instance the plug-in will
export the file "junker.md3".

Click the check box next to "Save w/ All"

Ignore the Anchor tag name. And don't mess with the "Config File" tab.

All you need to do now is make sure the "Frame List Provider" is the
object itself. Which it should be by default.

Next, type in the name of the object in the field next to the "=" sign.
In the next text box type 1 (for 1 frame of animation) and in the last
frame type 0 (for capture object on frame 0). Then click on the "+"
button to add the data to the plug-in. This just lets the plug-in know
what data to export on what frame.

Now you are all set.

Close all the windows and choose the "Scene" tab in LW. Click on the
"Generics" button to bring up you plug-ins. And choose the
"MRB::ExportControl". Now make sure the Save check box for your object
is checked in the menu and click on "Save Checked Models". The plug-in
should now make a quick Preview. Choose "End Preview" and the model is
now saved.

Now you have a model ready for Q3.