Dear friends,
I have purchased the c++ OpenGL DVD and I'm learning from it and enjoying it soo much. My passion is to created 3d applications for sculptors and animators.
So far I have finished the al he three part fast because I came with a good java background from university . But I'm having a problem with wxwidgets , and that is, I'm a Mac user and my favorite c++ IDE is Code::Blocks. I have searched the net to find an easy way to compile and use wxwidgets within code blocks so that I continue on vtm 4. I found some pages with instructions using unix like commands which made me feel like (*%^*£€) because they already assume that the reader is a unix pro which I'm not . Can you please help by providing easy to follow step by step guid to accomplish this task ? I really need to finish those vtms within these few months and reach the OpenGL vtm ASAP to get ready for a project. I have downloaded wxwidgets for Mac and can't do anything with it at the moment.

Please help....