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    Computer de-evolution: Features that lost the evolutionary war

    Today's computers offer processing power, speed, storage, Internet connectivity, display size and quality, and other capabilities that few even dreamed of ten or more years ago, certainly not at prices affordable for any developer or even consumer.

    And many of the applications that run on these machines cheerfully consume these cycles, network megabits per second and gigabytes of RAM and storage.

    But there are some things they don't do that the old, slow, often command-line-intead-of-GUI-oriented applications did...
    Some interesting points in this article at

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    my current avatar on google, so props to THIS GUY who created the original...

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    Loved the bit about keyboards. These days it’s like typing on jello.

    The other day I was shopping for a new keyboard and I asked the salesmen if they had any of the older style IBM keyboards with the PS2 connector. He said they only had keyboards with USB connectors. So I asked him why would I need a keyboard with USB and he said because it was faster.



    Sometimes I don’t think we need technology to be faster but for people to start thinking slower.
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    I miss having text editors that let you change the colors you are looking at.
    No, I don't mean changing the actual color of the text, as in, what will print and what others will see, but just changing how everything is displayed. Black text on this bright white background is bad for your eyes if you use it long enough, with all that white light being emitted six inches away. Back in the day text editors had dark blue background or dark black backgrounds, and it was much nicer on the eyes.
    I recall once having a monitor that had a button that would cycle between what colors it was using. That was nice.

    I also have to STRONGLY agree with the placement of the "close window" button. I hate having it in the exact corner because that's where the cursor goes when I accidentally drop my mouse.
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