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    cant find shader basic paramter in 2011

    hi guys

    I am running through talented ball on 3dsmax tutorials, I am up to applying basic materials and am having trouble following the tutorial.
    My problem is I cant find the shader basic parameter with the Blinn preset] on the material editor. I have also tried to locate it in the slade material editor by dropping a material in the node window and clicking its heading to reveal its parameters, can someone direct me to an appropriate tutorial that spells out how to apply a bitmap from my computer to a selected object?

    ben smith

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    Open your material editor (The original editor, and not slate) and look within Blinn Basic Parameters. Here you'll see the Diffuse attribute with a gray bar (color picker), followed by a small, square button. This button is what you click to apply textures/materials/etc to an attribute. Clicking this button will bring up the Material browser list, at the top of which is Bitmap. Select bitmap to open a file selection dialog, where you can navigate to the image of your choosing.

    Hopefully this sets you on the right track.

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    I know this is old as hell but if someone find this thread using google (like i did) you just have to click the button that is next to the dropdown list and choose "Standard".

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