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    Smile I am a disabled Noob, please be kind

    Hi, Everyone
    I don't know where to post my intro so I am assuming it is here. Like the title says I am new to programming in general and I am also disabled(Quadriplegic). I am here trying to find a mentor, tutor, guru what ever you choose. I wish to Learn all I can about C#, XNA, the Unity engine and the .Net framework. I have been in a wheelchair since 1991, before that I was a big time gamer, now without the use of my hands I have a terrible time trying to find games that I can play. RPGs FPS games are my favorite Genres and I want to make games that take advantage of the accessibility options in the .Net Framework to maybe eliminate some of the inherent barriers and problems of disabled gamers.

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    Welcome to the 3dbuzz universe. If you are interested in programming in C#, a good place to start is XNA Volume 1-3. If you become a member sponsor, which costs $35/month then this content plus much more is available as streaming content. For programmers this website is a virtual gold mine. That is just the tip of the iceberg as so much else is here for you. Again welcome!!!
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    Hey! Welcome adambomb1945! As Big-Chuck mentioned, to learn programming, ya, the XNA VTM series is the bomb! (just to use part of your name but it's the truth!)
    Nice thing is, if you get stuck, there are lots of people here that can help, just post in the forum and people will give you hints on what you are needing to do!
    And again as Big-Chuck mentions, the member sponsor route is great for getting all the videos you can watch going!

    Glad to have you on board!
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    Concurred, also, if you become a member sponsor, you can become a member of our MMO Class, when the time permits for open registration again. This, too, would be a great opportunity to learn a lot of the stuff you are questing to. This makes heavy use of the C# language, and the game is based on the Unity engine. So this, too, is another option for you. Just something to keep in mind.
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    Welcome! yeah xna is great, I recently went through it and learned loads! the first part (the hyperion project walkthrough) is free, so that would be a good place to start and see if it's something for you.

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    Welcome brother!

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    Welcome to 3dBuzz adambomb1945.
    If you don't mind, I'm not going to mention much about the XNA and other programming courses here since it's already been mentioned by others but I did think this might be something good for yo to think/learn about. Microsoft is soon going to be releasing official API's for Kinect for Windows ( and this might be very useful for you to look into since you've mentioned you are looking at ways of eliminating some of the inherent barriers for disabled gamers (granted I've never used a Kinect yet so I might be over estimating the abilities of the Kinect). Good luck and hope to see/hear from you more often.
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